Where the Ragged Edges of All That Is
for Raven Chacon's For Zitkála-Šá, 2022

Tools For Survival
reflecting on new media production, 2021

What Resurgence Looked Like
Richard William Hill speaks with Cheryl L'Hirondelle and Joseph Naytowhow for: Alanis Obomsawin: Lifework, 2021

Experimentations of the Sensuous Unseen
essay for Lii Zoot Tayr (Other Worlds) exhibition, 2021

Joi T. Arcand's Wayfinding
A continuum of old and new school tagging and teachings, 2019

Already-And: The Art of Indigenous Survivance
in conversation with Keren Zaiontz and Natalie Alvarez, 2019

Deep, Fierce and Interdependent/the Voice that Speaks Itself Fully
in conversation with Rita McKeough, 2018

Shadow Survivance and the Likeness of Beings
essay for the future is the land, 2018

How Sara Diamond and The Banff Centre Aided Indigenous New Media Production, 2016

A Circuitous Path of Communicated Physicality and Performance
in conversation with Diana Burgoyne, 2016

Why the Caged Bird Sings
Radical Inclusivity, Sonic Survivance and the Collective Ownership of Freedom Songs, 2015

Residual Proof

an homage to our stolen belongings, 2014

Caricature < = > Chaos: Buffalo Boy's Colonial Blues

a contribution to the legacy, 2014

The Lightness of Creating in the Dark


essay for Joi T. Arcand's exhibition, 2012

an intervention of glyphs, 2012

Codetalkers Recounting Signals of Survival

Stories, Songlines and Community
in conversation with Chris Bose and Elwood Jimmy, 2012

Land Project, A Conversation...
in conversation with Joseph Naytowhow and BH Yael, 2011

Write from this Place
in support of poets who teach, 2011

Social & Individual Identity in New Media
a new media dialogue, 2011

Reclaiming Identity: A State of Dignity
essay for Celina Ritter's 1992 exhibition, 2008

You Are Never Just One Thing in One Place: Tricksters and Contrary Spirits
a discussion with Joseph Naytowhow & Richard William Hill, 2007


a brief story of deception, 2007

Red Giveaway: Linking Butterflies and All My Relations
an homage to the late Mike MacDonald, 2007

What is artinjun.ca?
an FAQ regarding my net.art intervention, 2005

Reflection: SubRosa
Aboriginal Story in Digital Media, 2004

Sounding the Border:
Echoes and Transmissions from the Morley Reserve
Janna Graham in conversation with Cheryl L'Hirondelle & Candice Hopkins, 2004

Tales from the Heart and Spirit
a selection of stories from the elders, 2003

A Dialogue

between Bert McNair, Joseph Naytowhow and Cheryl L'Hirondelle, 2000

Talking Cyber Powwow and Hand Drums

in conversation with Lynne Bell and Janice Williamson, 1999

Remember (Kokum's Bones)
a song in homage of my Halfbreed grandmothers, 1995

Manifesting the Vision of Equity
It's A Cultural Thing, 1993

Minquon Panchayat
update, 1993

Energizing Anti-Racist Strategies In the Artist-run Network
PreMinquon Panchayat Meeting in Toronto, 1993

Indian Art Centre in the Works
Indian art reporting, 1993

Red #6 / Team of Huskies / Enriched White Flour / Herstory...
four early poems, 1992